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Transverse Mesocolon Pancreas

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The classic interpretation of mesenteric and peritoneal fold anatomy stemmed from descriptions by Sir Frederick Treves in 1889 and depicted a fragmented structure that was vestigial ... Read more at the level of the right and left colon. Treves described the small bowel mesentery as inserting or attaching into the retroperitoneum along a line extending from the duodenojejunal flexure to the ileocaecal junction. The right and left mesocolon regressed and became vestigial as per Treves such that several commentators described these features as "abnormal as a cleft palate". Their absence coupled by the presence of a transverse and sigmoid mesocolon meant that the mesenteric organ was fragmented, a description at odds with the surgical approach to colonic mobilisation and resection. In addition Treves described the transverse mesocolon as inserting or attaching along a line extending from hepatic to the splenic flexure. He described the mesosigmoid as inserting along a V-shaped line where the apex occurs approximately at the bifurcation of the common iliac artery. These descriptions have been indoctrinated in most reference anatomic, embryologic, surgical, and radiologic texts to the present day.

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