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There is no universal consensus for a definition distinguishing between X-rays and gamma rays. One common practice is to distinguish between the two types of ... Read more radiation based on their source: X-rays are emitted by electrons, while gamma rays are emitted by the atomic nucleus. This definition has several problems; other processes also can generate these high energy photons, or sometimes the method of generation is not known. One common alternative is to distinguish X- and gamma radiation on the basis of wavelength (or equivalently, frequency or photon energy), with radiation shorter than some arbitrary wavelength, such as 10−11 m (0. 1 Å), defined as gamma radiation. This criterion assigns a photon to an unambiguous category, but is only possible if wavelength is known. (Some measurement techniques do not distinguish between detected wavelengths. ) However, these two definitions often coincide since the electromagnetic radiation emitted by X-ray tubes generally has a longer wavelength and lower photon energy than the radiation emitted by radioactive nuclei. Occasionally, one term or the other is used in specific contexts due to historical precedent, based on measurement (detection) technique, or based on their intended use rather than their wavelength or source. Thus, gamma-rays generated for medical and industrial uses, for example radiotherapy, in the ranges of 6–20 MeV, can in this context also be referred to as X-rays. [citation needed]

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X-rays have a wavelength in  X Rays

X-rays have a wavelength in


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X-rays are one of the oldest  X Rays

X-rays are one of the oldest


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In hospitals  x-rays expose a  X Rays

In hospitals x-rays expose a


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An X-Ray is a type of picture  X Rays

An X-Ray is a type of picture


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The Wonder of X-Rays  X Rays

The Wonder of X-Rays


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the technology of x-rays  X Rays

the technology of x-rays


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We can arrange private X-rays   X Rays

We can arrange private X-rays

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X-Rays themselves are a form  X Rays

X-Rays themselves are a form


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What Are X-Rays  X Rays

What Are X-Rays


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